Struggling to find inspiration about Dividend Growth Investing with a European perspective? You’re not alone. There are thousands of Europeans seeking financial freedom via Dividend Growth Investing.

But you know, sometimes this journey is just hard. There’s not too much European content out there to seek inspiration from and most of the content is written by American bloggers with an American perspective.

And you know, sometimes the problems we face are just different and more focused on our local European context.

Just as an example, we often find ourselves wondering about  the following questions:

  • how to limit USD currency impact?
  • are there European DGI companies I could consider?
  • how to deal with different tax rates in Europe?
  • which broker to chose?

These are all valid questions and I’ve been struggling with them as well.

The good thing is, I have been investing already for 6 years now using a Dividend Growth Investment strategy. I think that I can answer most of these questions for you. 

This is why I started this blog: to share my knowledge and to help out fellow investors in the European community.

So if you would like to get inspired by a European perspective, never miss an article and engage with a fellow European dividend growth investor, then join me now.

Joining will give you access to see my full DGI portfolio and as a bonus 20 years of dividend history from 30 European Dividend Aristocrats.