3 Female Investors for Inspiration

First of all, a shout out to all the female investors out there. You are truly amazing! 🙏 #InternationalWomensDay

Unfortunately, there are still not that many mainstream female investors and I hope that this will change anytime soon. It’s even that bad that Morningstar concluded that there are more man with the name Dave than that there are woman running a fund.

In my opinion this has to change!

Having said that, it’s international women’s day, so I just wanted to briefly let you know which 3 female investors I regularly take inspiration from.

1️⃣ Geraldine Weiss

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Geraldine Weiss

If you don’t know Geraldine Weiss yet, then please mark my words: she’s the most exemplary dividend investor who made dividend investing mainstream and lived by example.

You might even not realize it, but most of the dividend growth investors are basing their analysis on the metrics that she evangelized throughout her career to establish the valuation of a company which pays a growing dividend: P/E < 20, Div Payout < 50%, etc…

Geraldine is still alive, 93 years of age and her book Dividends Don’t Lie (1988) is one of the all time classics in our community.

2️⃣ Lori Greiner

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor lori greiner

Lori Greiner is not only an investor / entrepreneur, but also a true celebrity after having been on Shark Tank for about 10 seasons.

I love watching shark tank and Lori is a true role model among the sharks. She is always cheerful, really focused on the entrepreneurs that are pitching and she seems to have a great feeling for female entrepreneurs and turn them into a success story.

For instance, I will never forget her investment in The Simply Fit Board, because it was such a great pitch and dialog. They recently gave a short update on how they are doing. Have a look below:

Isn’t this empowering women?

Lori’s net worth is currently considered to be $100 million dollar and I will continue to follow her journey to great heights whenever she’s on TV.

3️⃣ Martine Hafkamp

20191119 Martine Hafkamp

Martine is a Dutch investor and founder and CEO of a wealth management firm Fintessa.

She is probably little known outside of the Netherlands, but within the Netherlands she is quite well known within the investors community, especially for her regular appearance on BNR Beurswatch and comments on the market at IEX.

I personally got really impressed by her during the 2016 oil crisis. I remember many people being nervous about what would happen to the oil companies and her comments really stood out. She was calm, encouraging and really providing a long-term view.

I find her a very common-sense person with a good sense of humor and by listening to her on the radio she has inspired me several times to look into certain stocks. Those stocks have done me generally pretty well!

Final thoughts

Thank you to all the woman for inspiring us and I truly hope that the people around you are extra sweet for you today!

You rock and please keep being a role model for all the women out there.

Happy international women’s day!

Who are your female role models? I am very curious, so please let me know via the comment section.

With best Regards,

— European Dividend Growth Investor

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