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Get access to high-quality company analysis for European and US dividend growth stocks, complete with insights into their dividend safety profiles. With the Dividend Growth Compass Service, you can enhance the safety of your Dividend Portfolio and stay updated about the latest markets developments.

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Our newsletter is offered at just 5 Euros per issue, excluding VAT – an amount as delightful as treating us to a freshly brewed cup of coffee 😍.

30-day money-back guarantee

We believe in our product, but it might not meet all your needs. That’s why we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.


In our grand vision, we empower European Dividend Growth Investors with the tools and insights they need to confidently evaluate a company’s dividend safety, ensuring they can make well-informed decisions supported by accurate and (European) dependable dividend data.

European Dividend Investors simply deserve a path to early retirement without too many obstacles.

Founding Membership Pricing

The current price of 119 Euro per Year (~99 Euro without VAT) is only temporary and assumes that we are only providing the newsletter as a service. We have done this, because our Dividend Growth Compass Dashboard is an early beta-release and serves as a Minimum Viable Product.

This means that we understand that the initial value might be limited compared to its potential value which we aim to achieve in the next few months. As an example, you may find the number of dividend growth stocks are limited, or you could discover some data / technical issues we still may need to fix.

We therefore believe that its only fair to give you an early-bird price as a founding subscriber and your annual price will be locked-in for you as an additional token of appreciation*

* you will only pay 119 Euro each year as long as this service exists, but adjusted for inflation (we will link this to the 
EU HICP inflation rate). 

Dividend Growth Compass Dashboard

The Dividend Growth Compass service is still in its inception phase and will be expanded over time. For now, it requires you to have a gmail email address to be able to access it due to the technology chosen (Google Looker Studio).

Having said that, our primary emphasis is on data quality, as freely available European stock data is often unreliable. Therefore, most of our data is curated manually and as a result, you can anticipate the following volume of content:
  • 100 Dividend Growth Stocks in the Dividend Stock Dashboard (50 EU, 50 US) – Full list of names
  • 17 Dividend Stock Reports (2 will be added each newsletter)

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