Castellum AB – A look into their 2020 Annual Results (video)

Lately I have started to look more and more into European REIT’s after getting several questions from the readers. One of the first REIT’s which sparked my attention was Castellum AB and it just reported their 2020 annual results last Friday.

Castellum AB is also part of the Noble 30 Index, because it has a dividend growth track record of 23 years of consecutive dividend growth. Hence, it is a very interesting company and therefore I decided to make a brief YouTube video out of it.

In the video I will first introduce you to Castellum AB before I dive into the highlights of the 2020 Annual Report. After that I will show you my favorite fundamental metrics of the stock before ending with a fair value estimate.

Having said that, I hope you enjoy the video 👍

Teaser: it announced a pretty decent dividend hike, but will that be all in 2021?

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I tend to do these kind of video a bit more going forward, because in a video it is so much easier to share my behind-the-scenes stock analysis process.

Yours Truly

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