🏅 A deep dive into Agree Realty | Newsletter #009

Welcome to the ninth issue of the Dividend Growth Compass newsletter!

As we jump into a new year, the return to work after the holidays has been made even more difficult by WBA’s decision to cut its dividend. Derek reflects on this development, sharing his thoughts on the cut and outlining his plans for his holdings in the company.

Despite the initial setback, we’ve chosen to kick off the year positively. With that in mind, we’ve directed our focus towards researching a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) that often stands in the shadow of Realty Income. Agree Realty has a lot in common with Realty Income, but perhaps this company merits equal, if not greater, attention than its peer.?

All of this and more will be in the first newsletter of 2024.

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What you can expect in this issue:

  • A deep dive into Agree Realty. Is this a better alternative than Realty Income Is now the time to buy?
  • In the beginner’s corner, we talked about going with the flow.
  • In our subscriber’s corner, we provide our thoughts on Unilever after Hein Schumacher’s fireside chat.
  • Walgreens and T Rowe price are discussed in the news of the week.
  • Unilever, Diageo, McDonanlds, and Wolters Kluwer Dividend Growth Stock Cards. Learn about our investment thesis, their dividend safety score, and what we think it’s worth.
  • Our watchlist and most recent transactions.

This was our ninth and first issue for 2024. Feel free to reach out to us until Wednesday with your suggestion for the next deep dive.

Yours Truly,

European Dividend Growth Investor & Derek from Engineer My Freedom.

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