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A monthly income portfolio from European dividend aristocrats

Hi there! I have just created a new YouTube in which I’m showing how to built an example portfolio of European dividend growth stocks, selected in such a way that it provides a monthly income of approximately 1000 Euro in dividend payments.

The good thing is, the whole portfolio consists of European dividend aristocrats. A company in Europe qualifies for being a dividend aristocrats when there was at least a 10 year stable or growing dividend.

In the video I am showing you which sources of information I have used, how the portfolio looks like and some dynamics that I believe you should be aware of when trying to mimic such portfolio.

Interested? Enjoy watching!

The following references to content are mentioned in the video:

PS: I forgot to mention the following in the video: the source information with European companies and their dividend history is based on ex-Dividend dates. I manually retrieved their Dividend Pay-dates. These dates often differ from each other and I am more interested in the pay-date from a cashflow / income perspective.

I hope that you enjoyed the video!

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4 comments on “A monthly income portfolio from European dividend aristocrats

  1. A great introduction to European stocks. Thanks for the insights! Awesome start to your YouTube channel as well.

    Liked by 1 person

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