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A monthly income portfolio from European dividend aristocrats

Hi there! I have just created a new YouTube in which I’m showing how to built an example portfolio of European dividend growth stocks, selected in such a way that it provides a monthly income of approximately 1000 Euro in dividend payments.

The good thing is, the whole portfolio consists of European dividend aristocrats. A company in Europe qualifies for being a dividend aristocrats when there was at least a 10 year stable or growing dividend.

In the video I am showing you which sources of information I have used, how the portfolio looks like and some dynamics that I believe you should be aware of when trying to mimic such portfolio.

If you don’t want to watch the video, but do want to see the example monthly European Dividend Growth Portfolio, then click here.

Interested? Enjoy watching!

The following references to content are mentioned in the video:

PS: I forgot to mention the following in the video: the source information with European companies and their dividend history is based on ex-Dividend dates. I manually retrieved their Dividend Pay-dates. These dates often differ from each other and I am more interested in the pay-date from a cashflow / income perspective.

I hope that you enjoyed the video!

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Young Hamilton
9 months ago

A great introduction to European stocks. Thanks for the insights! Awesome start to your YouTube channel as well.

Young Hamilton
Reply to  European DGI
9 months ago

If you want any perspective on quality investing, please feel free to check out my series of posts on the subject. Thanks!

4 months ago

Great video! very clearly presented.

European DGI
Reply to  Gabriel
3 months ago

Thank you Gabriel!

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