AT&T Dividend Cut – 5 alternative High Yield Dividend Stocks – Sunday with eDGI | Eps #7

In today’s video I’m answering the following questions are the AT&T dividend cut: with what other high yield dividend stocks should I consider replacing my dividend income?

As most of you know by now, the recent announcement of the AT&T Time Warner and Discovery merger has resulted in a “readjustment” of AT&T’s proposed divided going forward. In plain English: a sneaky AT&T dividend cut.

That’s one of the major reasons why I sold my AT&T stock last week, but at the same time it means that I lost one of the few high-yielders in my portfolio.

Hence, if you were mostly in it for the high-yield like me, then you are probably thinking about what to buy instead right now 🤔

You’re not alone and that’s why in Today’s video I’m going to share with you 5 other high yield dividend stocks for your considerations.

So, get your coffee ready and enjoy today’s Sunday with eDGI ☕

Note: I am not chasing yield with these recommendations. I wouldn’t invest in high-yield dividend stocks if I would not be able to get my initial investment back. However, I do believe that high yield, low growth dividend stocks belongs in my portfolio as an element of diversification.


0:00 – Intro
1:08 – AT&T Discovery Merger
2:40 – Can we trust CEO Stankey?
5:49 – AT&T Dividend Cut
6:58 – How I deal with dividend cuts based on my learnings
11:15 – 5 High Yield Dividend Stocks
12:00 – Stock 1 – from the REIT sector
15:30 – Stock 2 – from the energy sector
20:03 – Stock 3 – small cap from the insurance industry
25:15 – Stock 4 – large cap from the insurance industry
30:57 – Stock 5 – from the tobacco industry

All in all this list consists of 4 European stocks and 1 US stock.

Enjoy your week!

Yours Truly,

European Dividend Growth Investor

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7 months ago

1 – OHI is a great dividend stock, but since I’m already heavy in DOC, which has been fantastic for me in both dividend and capital gains. No intentions on selling that one, for the time being. And healthcare sector is now about 9% of my portfolio of US stocks… 2 – I have a few shares of Enagás.  Very happy about diversification into more sustainable energies, although it’s a bit uncertain and more often than not requires overdebt. Not so happy about the idea of them keeping an increase of just 1% for the 2021 and the next 2… Read more »

Last edited 7 months ago by Diogo
7 months ago

Just for context, three senior execs (incl CEO) bought T shares on May 20th, at around 29$ / share. Many shares, around 20 000 each, separately from company’s share buying programs. With their own pocket money.

Last edited 7 months ago by Chris
7 months ago

Thanks. Great presentation. Two questions one financial and one technical about this web site: a) Chesnara vs Legal & General (LGEN): the second one is more established and pays more or less the same dividend: any reason to prefer Chesnara? b) I have problem with your website: I am registered, but I cannot log-in. I mean that if I want to see, for example, your dividend growth portfolio, there is not way for me to access it. If I put my name and email, it simply tells me that I am already registered and I do not get access to… Read more »