[video] 3 Best Dividend ETFs | Select wisely and know the pitfalls of investing in Dividend ETFs

The best dividend ETFs are the ones that align the best with your personal dividend investment strategy.

In this video I show you the typical pitfalls of investing in Dividend ETFs and how to avoid them. I will then show you 1 dividend ETF which is exemplary of very poor performance, but I will also show you a very popular dividend paying ETF which might not be what it seems.

Finally I will show you the 3 best dividend ETFs that currently exist according to my opinion.

However, truth to be told, they might be very hard to purchase for European based investors 😬 But hey, I’m going to try it tomorrow via Saxo Bank, so fingers crossed!

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00:00 – Intro
00:55 – Dividend Growth Investment Strategy vs Dividend ETFs
02:45 – Typical pitfalls of Dividend ETFs
06:07 – Example Dividend ETF to avoid
07:55 – Example popular dividend paying ETF and know what you own
10:52 – The 3 Best Dividend ETFs right now

3 Best Dividend ETFs | Avoid the pitfalls!

Check also my other post about dividend ETFs if you are interested in learning more about this topic.

Yours Truly,

European Dividend Growth Investor

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It's my desire to retire early via Dividend Growth Investing as a passive income stream. This is not easy and especially when living in Europe. That's why I started this blog and share my journey: to give you a European perspective.
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12 days ago

your dividend ETF choices are not available for European investors. It would be nice if you could show your “european” selection

12 days ago

Thank you. I’m really new at investing, since last year. I’m 63 years, so have to choose extremely wisely, and am learning quite a bit since I found your site. I’m investing through the bank, so they take up between 30 and 60 euro for buying and selling. My portfolio has more single dividend companies, equity, and only 3 ETF’s and I now I know what to look in etf’s. Thanks

Life With Dividends
9 days ago

Own both DGRO and SCHD and love both of them. If I do not know where to put my money, I simply buy SCHD.

8 days ago

Nice overview – thanks for all information and your thoughts. What about (did you consider) DIVO – has quite higher yield (5%) and also interesting top holdings, among others also MS, Apple,… it is more concentrated though…