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Company Profile
2020 dividend
Dividend History
Dividend Statistics
Dividend FAQ
Stock Splits
Annual Report Archive
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Chubb Ltd Company Profile

Chubb Limited is a global insurance company and a proud member of the Noble 30 Index due to its outstanding dividend growth track record.

Note: The index is a composition of 30 companies with the longest dividend growth/maintain streak in Europe.

The company earns it money mostly via Commercial Property and Casualty insurance (57%). Besides that they also generate revenue via Accident & Health insurance, Agriculture insurance, Personal Lines insurance, Life insurance and last but not least, general Reinsurance.

Chubb Corp was purchased back in 2016 by ACE Limited, but they decided to keep the Chubb name and run their business under that brand. For that reason I consider the founding of Chubb still to be 1985.

Location: Zurich Switzerland
Founded: 1985
Sector: Financials
Industry: Insurance and Reinsurance
# of Employees: ~33.000

2020 CB Dividend

The dividend in Q1 was $0,75 per share and was paid on 10 April. Chubb proposed a dividend increase of 3,69% to $0,78 per share. This is to be approved at the Annual General Shareholder Meeting on 20 May 2020. As a result, the annual cb dividend will be $3.12.

This would mean the 27th consecutive dividend increase. Chubb never remained the dividend flat. This is really unique in Europe.

CB stock dividend history

Chubb ($CB) started paying a dividend in 1993 and has been growing the dividend ever since. Below you will find a graphical overview followed by the raw data.

cb dividend full history

Raw dividend data

Fiscal YearQ1Q2Q3Q4Full YearYoY %

* Special dividend

CB dividend statistics

Average yearly dividend growth per decade

The average yearly dividend growth for Chubb per decade is an interesting figure that smooths out individual yearly outliers. This provides better insight to the historical dividend growth trend.

DecadeAverage annual dividend increase
2010 – 20198.65%
2000 – 20099.06%
1993 – 199930.08%

Average yearly dividend growth last 5 years

The average yearly dividend growth for Chubb in the last 5 years shows whether the trend from the average growth rate per decade starts to diverge.

The average growth rate in the last 5 years is: 2.30%

This is far below the historical average, hence the trend is down.

Dividend payout ratio last 10 years

The payout ratio is a good measure to get insight in the sustainability of the dividend increases. Moreover, an increasing payout ratio suggests stronger dividend increases than the growth in earnings power. Overtime, such situation wouldn’t be sustainable. Therefore, I prefer to see a stable payout ratio which is in lock step with earnings growth.

Chubb’s EPS payout ratio

The EPS payout ratio has been quite consistent over the last decade by averaging around 30%. As an example, EPS has been generally flat since 2013. This explains the limited dividend growth from the last 5 years.

Having said that, a ~30% dividend payout gives ample room for future dividend increases.

Chubb 10 years EPS payout ratio

Free Cash Flow (FCF) payout ratio

Chubb 10 years free cash flow payout ratios

The CB dividend payout related to Free Cash Flow shows a similar story as the EPS payout graph. This means ample room for dividend increases.

Dividend FAQ – The European DGI way

Since when does Chubb Ltd pay a dividend?

According to my data since 1993

Did Chubb Ltd ever cut their dividend?

No, Chubb Ltd has never cut their dividend. What is interesting to observe is that the quarterly dividend fluctuated during the Great Recession in 2008, but it didn’t lead to a dividend cut during those times.

Is there a trend visible in Chubb’s dividend hikes?

Most of the times throughout history $CB increases their quarterly dividend with 2 cents per quarter. As a result, this has slowly decreased their annual growth rate. Chubb is compensating that with very high surprise hikes like in 2012 (40.58%) and 2014 (27.72%)

Did Chubb ever pay any special dividends?

Yes, they paid a dividend of $0,11 in 1993 in the fourth quarter. This was their second quarterly dividend ever. According to my data, this was the only time they ever paid a special dividend.

What did Chubb do with its dividends during past recessions?

The dividend history spans 2 recessions. The early 2000’s with the dot-come bubble and the Great Recession from 2007-2009. In both instances they increased their annual dividend.

From 2001 – 2002 they grew their dividend with 13,79% and from 2007 – 2008 they grew their dividend with 2,83%.

What are the Chubb dividend payment dates?

Chubb pays its dividends quarterly.

  • Q1 dividends are paid in April
  • Q2 dividends are paid in July
  • Q3 dividends are paid in October
  • Q4 dividends are paid in January

When does Chubb usually announce an increased quarterly dividend?

In the end of February at the same time with the full year earnings announcement.

Chubb Stock Splits

As per my knowledge, Chubb decided to split their stock 3 times.

31 March 20061 share split in 2
3 March 19981 share split in 3
6 May 19961 share split in 2

Chubb Annual Report Archive

The below table provides an overview of the annual reports that I was able to find.

YearACE / Chubb LtdChubb Corp (pre-acquisition)
2019Chubb Ltd annual report 2019
2018Chubb Ltd annual report 2018
2017Chubb Ltd annual report 2017
2016Chubb Ltd annual report 2016
2015Chubb Ltd annual report 2015
2014ACE Limited annual report 2014
2013ACE Limited annual report 2013
2012ACE Limited annual report 2012
2011ACE Limited annual report 2011The Chubb Corporation annual report 2011
2010ACE Limited annual report 2010The Chubb Corporation annual report 2010
2009ACE Limited annual report 2009The Chubb Corporation annual report 2009
2008ACE Limited annual report 2008The Chubb Corporation annual report 2008
2007ACE Limited annual report 2007The Chubb Corporation annual report 2007
2006ACE Limited annual report 2006The Chubb Corporation annual report 2006
2005The Chubb Corporation annual report 2005
2004The Chubb Corporation annual report 2004
2003The Chubb Corporation annual report 2003
2002The Chubb Corporation annual report 2002
2001The Chubb Corporation annual report 2001
2000The Chubb Corporation annual report 2000
1999The Chubb Corporation annual report 1999
1998The Chubb Corporation annual report 1998
1997The Chubb Corporation annual report 1997
1996The Chubb Corporation annual report 1996
1995The Chubb Corporation annual report 1995


Upcoming events

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Last 5 press releases

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Last investor presentations

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Recent SEC filings

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For more info, visit Chubb Ltd – Investor Relations. There might be a chance that you find something there regarding their dividends which you couldn’t find here.

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