Freedom Fund

Below you will find a full overview of my full portfolio πŸ’ͺ. I call this my freedom fund, because that’s exactly what I am aiming to achieve: freedom🌱.

Be also aware that I am in accumulation mode and the current allocation in my portfolio doesn’t reflect my future desired state. Therefore I might have some small positions in stocks that I definitely like to grow once the opportunity arises (i.e. $PEP).

Just have a look at my allocation strategy in case you are curious about what my desired portfolio looks like.

Without further ado, hereby my portfolio:

PS: It might be that this portfolio hasn’t yet reflected all my latest purchases. I intend to update it monthly.

Sector Allocation

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7 months ago

Mooie portefeuille. Vooral je aandeel tech aandelen had ik ook wel willen hebben πŸ™‚

Zelf zou ik belang in Olie gaan afbouwen, zeker nu RDS het dividend heeft gekort. Zou ze ook niet als dividendgroei bestempelen omdat het dividend al jaren niet groeit.

wordt overigens wel weer tijd voor een update.



European DGI
Reply to  Dividendbelegger
7 months ago

Thanks for stopping by! You’re right, i should’ve bought much more MSFT at the time when it was 4% USD. T.a.v. Shell, zie hier mijn gedachten: In plaats van af te bouwen heb ik besloten om mijn doel allocatie te verminderen. In praktijk betekent het dat ik niet zo veel meer zal kopen in de toekomst. Ik ben nog steeds in het begin van de opbouw van mijn portfolio, dus over tijd zal het percentage olie in mijn portfolio steeds kleiner worden. Je hebt gelijk, technisch gezien is Shell niet meer een groeiaandeel! PS: ik heb net de portfolio… Read more »

26 days ago

Hi, I noticed that the update was last on 10/26/2020. Have you decided not to show your investment portfolio again? Thanks.

16 days ago

Hi, I am new to investing, and first of all, thanks for all the info you provide on your site. It is very helpful. I have seen and studied your Europen Nobel 30 portfolio and it is very interesting, also I am using Trading 212, so copying everything in a pie was great. Please tell me, I can see your personal freedom portfolio which is pretty big, consist of many US stocks, do you also invest in Nobel 30, and if it is not a secret, how much did you invest in freedom and Nobel 300 portfolio so far? I… Read more »

16 days ago

very nice portfolio! I am on my way to building something similar, currently have around 20 positions on single stocks combining growth and dividends. As I am a bit insecure sometimes, I try to “cover” myself also with some ETFs.

How would you rate moat stocks such as Games Workshop? it provides currency diversification, dividend and absolute dominance within its field combining both customer loyalty (or even worship) plus stay at home in times of covid.
Regards and congrats for the website and the podcast, they’re really cool!