Check out my recent appearance on the Dividend Guy blog Podcast

As you might have experienced, usually I don’t create a single blog post entry to share my guest appearances on other platforms.

However, this time is different and I would like to share with you my recent guest appearance on the Dividend Guy blog Podcast (yes, those famous 4 words 😅). I actually listened back to it today and I must confess that I really enjoyed it.

The recording was done several weeks ago and I vividly remember the vibe we had during the interview. We connected very well and we really took the time to discuss many different topics for you.

I must also give the Dividend Guy a lot of credit because he has been the best-prepared podcast host so far. I could notice that he studied some of my work and I believe that this allowed him to ask very specific questions which I truly enjoyed answering.

Hence, I would really recommend to you to listen to this show because you might find it very insightful. As a sneak preview, these are some of the topics we discussed during the show:

  • How I started my journey as a dividend growth investor
  • How my teenage years shaped my relationship with money and influenced my investing style
  • How I deal with a ~10% mortgage rate and how it influences my investment decisions.
  • My thoughts about ASML, the bull case, and the risks
  • Our differences of opinion on a much-debated stock: Intel Corp ($INTC)
  • Why do we track our hypotheses for our holdings
  • Why measuring organic dividend growth is so important
  • How we both approach portfolio allocation
  • Who should buy whom? $AD.NL buy $ATD.TO or $ATD.TO should buy $AD.NL?

Enjoy the episode and you can listen to it by clicking the link below.

Yours Truly,

European Dividend Growth Investor

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European DGI

I am European DGI and it's my desire to retire early via Dividend Growth Investing as a passive income stream. This is not easy and especially when living in Europe. That's why I started this blog because I truly believe we can learn a lot from each other by sharing our journeys!


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