Let me introduce to you to a brand new podcast series that I started together with Engineer My Freedom (Ireland).

It is a new weekly podcast where we discuss dividend growth investing and related news from within our community and the stock market. The structure of the show will typically be:

  • a brief reflection on the news from last week
  • discuss a certain Dividend Growth Investing related topic
  • address a follower request
  • sharing our stock pick of the week

All this with a European flavor!

To be honest, this is actually the podcast that we were searching for ourselves.

Most of the podcasts that we know are US based and those hardly address certain topics that are in the minds of the European investor (i.e. allocation EU vs US, Tax, European stocks).

Having said that, we aim to record our show every Friday night and publish it on Saturday before noon. We will also address your requests. As an example, we provided Friday 19 June 2020 some feedback on a portfolio shared by one of our Twitter followers.


Then follow us and subscribe to the YouTube channel or Spotify if you want to stay notified about our upcoming shows 👇

Did I make you curious?

Have a look at our pilot episode and take it from there to listen to the next in sequence 👌

And as always, I’m curious for your feedback 🙏