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If you are new to this blog and new to dividend growth investing, then I highly recommend you to read the following blog articles which lay the foundation for my investing strategy:

  1. Paying of debt vs investing
  2. How to start investing in dividend growth stocks
  3. 5 Impactful ideas to maximize your savings
  4. My portfolio allocation strategy
  5. Inspiration: How to get a monthly income from European Dividend Growth stocks
  6. Inspiration: 30 European Dividend stocks with long track records

Besides this I’m also posting every Sunday my 5-Bullet Sunday. This is a weekly blog post with 5 topics that were on my mind during the week. Those topics are mostly related to Financial Independence and Dividend Growth Investing, but sometimes also about something else that I found interesting. An overview of the series can be found HERE

I started my blog late December 2019, so the amount of content is still in an early stage. Therefore I will maintain this page going forward as I intend to add more and more content which I am considering foundational.

If you af any questions, please let me know via the comment section or get in touch with me.

Sometimes this can trigger me to prioritize a future topic of another.

With Best Regards,

— European Dividend Growth Investor

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