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Start with the basics

Before you consider building a dividend growth portfolio, it might be wise to consider paying off your debt first. Read more:

Do you feel confident enough and would you like to start giving investing a try, but you don’t know how yet? Read more:

Your disposable income for investing depends a lot on your savings rate. I have some ideas on how to increase that. Read more:

Beyond the basics

When you are beyond the basics then you might be just curious about my portfolio allocation approach. Read more:

In my case, I want to receive a monthly dividend income from my European Dividend Growth portfolio. This is possible! Read here how:

More Advanced

There is more than Dividends that you can collect as income from your portfolio. How about using your cash effectively? Check my approach:

Weekly recap

I’m also posting every Sunday my 5-Bullet Sunday.

This is a weekly blog post with 5 topics that were on my mind during the week. Those topics are mostly related to Financial Independence and Dividend Growth Investing, but sometimes also about something else that I found interesting.

An overview of the series can be found HERE

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